As spring begins to rear its verdant head from the frozen dust left behind during the winter, home and business owners turn their attention to the warmer seasons to come. That means getting sprinkler systems back up and running for the first time since the late fall, through that process isn’t as easy as just flicking a switch. In fact, there are a few important items a home or business owner should check to de-winterize their irrigation systems this spring, including:

#1 Open the Water Valves

One of the most important steps toward winterizing your sprinkler system in the fall is shutting off the water, so it would make sense that the first thing you would do in the spring is open them back up. Here at A-Team Irrigation, we suggest turning those valves slowly, since sprinkler mainlines can experience damage if those valves are opened too quickly, sending high surge pressure into the hoses. All of your water valves should have been perpendicular to the water line for the winter, so to open them just move them into the parallel position.

#2 Inspect Each Sprinkler Station

Once they’re back in place, you will need to go around to each sprinkler station to ensure that everything looks like it’s supposed to. If there are any issues with water pressure or uncontrolled spraying, this would be the time to make those repairs before the that optimal spring weather is wasted without a functioning irrigation system.

#3 Reset Your Timers

Some timers will save your settings throughout the winter, but for those that shut off completely in the offseason, you may have to reset them from scratch. For starters, choose times where you can keep an eye on things to make sure everything is running properly. You always can change them to more appropriate watering schedules later.

#4 Clean Off Your Weather Sensor

Some systems have weather sensors that keep them from running unnecessarily when it’s raining outside, but a winter’s worth of nasty weather can leave dirt and debris on the sensors that would cause them to work improperly, if at all. Just give them a quick cleaning and they should go right back to working as they did last summer and autumn.

If you have any questions or issues with your sprinkler system this spring, just give us a call here at A-Team Irrigation and we’ll help you troubleshoot any problems. We also can repair sprinkler heads or water lines that may have been damaged over this especially intense winter season. Hopefully you won’t need us, though, and your sprinkler systems work like a charm immediately after getting them back up and running this spring.