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Improper drainage can lead to a host of problems that contribute to an unhealthy, unsightly lawn. Soil erosion, problems with a building’s foundation, and even dying plants can be attributed to an irrigation system without effective drainage.

We’re not only dedicated to efficient sprinkler installation in the Sioux City area, but to high-quality drainage systems as well. We will ensure that your underground irrigation system works hand-in-hand with top-shelf drainage equipment, resulting in a lawn that is thriving — not drowning.

NDS S5 components can be configured to meet a wide variety of residential and commercial applications


Catch Basin with Filter
Sioux City Drainage Catch Basin Filter, Sioux City Drainage

S5 offers several options to collect stormwater from various sources.

Prevent debris and other suspended solids in stormwater from impairing system function.

Move stormwater from its sources to downstream detention, infiltration and overflow components.

S5 detention components provide efficient volume to minimize runoff and maximize infiltration.

Arrange Flo-Well dry wells and EZflow leaching trenches in customizable configurations and at depths suitable to existing site conditions, soil types and groundwater elevations.

Allow for excess stormwater beyond the design storm to overflow from the system in a safe, suitable downstream location.

Stormwater Management Plays a Vital Role in the Quality and Availability of Water

Step 1: Identify Runoff Sources

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Rain will collect as runoff depending on the type of surface it falls on. Impervious surfaces such as roofs, concrete and asphalt generate significantly more runoff than forested areas and lawns. Clay soils generate more runoff than sandier soils, compacted soils generate more runoff than noncompacted soils, and so on. Each surface type has an accepted coefficient of runoff, or “C” value, as listed in Table 1 (see page 9) and used in the Rational Method Equation for calculating runoff. Check with applicable local design guidelines for runoff coefficients used in your area. The lay of the land and slope of roofs and paved areas dictate the direction and velocity of stormwater runoff. Runoff may further collect in low spots in the landscape such as depressions and shallow swales. Sources of runoff may include: downspouts and scuppers; sheet flow from impervious surfaces like driveways and patios; grass-lined swales; drain pipe under a permeable paver system and French drains integrated within bioswales or planted sand filters.

Step 2: Select Methods of Capture

The nature of managed runoff dictates the type, size and configuration of capture devices. NDS catch basins and assorted drain inlets function well to capture runoff from downspouts and serve as area drains to collect directional drainage in the landscape. Channel and trench drains efficiently collect sheet flows from impervious surfaces such as parking lots, driveways, plazas, pool decks & patios. A perforated or slotted drain pipe may collect stormwater percolating through a permeable paver system. Capture can be directed to a detention device like NDS Flo-Well, or through filter media for collection by an NDS EZflow engineered French drain.

Step 3: Contact A-Team Irrigation for a Free Consultation

Irrigation drainage is extremely important, and we are proud to use equipment from NDS Drainage, the “#1 choice of professionals and homeowners for stormwater management, irrigation drainage, and water flow management” since 1972. Contact us today to learn more about our drainage solutions.

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