You’ve invested in a high quality irrigation system to keep your home or commercial property looking fresh and green but it’s important to remember that weather and other factors can impact the system’s components. A worn out or broken piece can lead to leaks and damage to a lawn or property. The good news is that major problems can be avoided if home or business owners simply take the time to maintain their irrigation system, which is a process that includes the following five things:

#1 Clean Heads & Remove Nearby Debris

One of the first things any professional will suggest in terms of sprinkler system maintenance is to visually inspect the sprinkler heads, and if any of them look as though they could use some cleaning to go ahead and do that. Cleaning those heads and brushing away any nearby debris is the easiest way to ensure that that your irrigation system can deliver the water it needs to deliver on a daily basis, and it hardly takes any time at all to do.

#2 Install a Rain Sensor

While many irrigation systems just run on timers, it wouldn’t make sense to allow it to do so on a day when it rains. Not only is this a waste of money, but it also could flood your landscaping, and neither of those options is ideal. Installing a rain sensor eliminates both of these issues, and here at A-Team Irrigation we can help you find the right option to ensure you don’t waste money or water.

#3 Watch Out for Dry Spots

Some yards very clearly have areas that are not within the reach of the irrigation system’s spray radius, but in some cases those dry spots could signal a problem with the line or a head somewhere. Part of maintaining your system is watching out for those dry spots and tending to them when necessary.

#4 Fine-Tune Water Coverage for Specific Plant Types

Knowing what types of plants you’re growing and what they should look like when properly watered is a huge step toward knowing just how to maintain your system in a way that is most effective and most efficient. What you want is optimal coverage for each plant, so let a professional at A-Team Irrigation help you find the sweet spot for all of your plants.

#5 Run Planned System Tests

Here at A-Team Irrigation, we recommend having your system tested professionally at least once a year, though some businesses and residences with larger systems sometimes will opt for two such annual inspections. Regular tests allow us to catch problems early and ensure that we work on preventative maintenance rather than reactive problem solving.

Like any other machine that you’ve ever owned, irrigation equipment requires some regular maintenance to work at peak efficiency and last as long as possible. These tips should encourage you to take even better care of your yard and landscaping by getting ahead of some common problems long before they start.