There isn’t a homeowner or business owner alive that wouldn’t love to save a little money if they could, especially if the technique for doing so also went a long way toward saving the environment. Drip irrigation systems are an affordable, efficient water delivery method changing the way people water their plants. Done right, these systems could save A-Team Irrigation customers a lot of money every year, all thanks to an irrigation method that is quick and inexpensive to install.

What Is Drip Irrigation?

A drip irrigation system uses water more slowly and at a lower pressure than a traditional sprinkler system. In stationing the tubing associated with drip systems directly above the plants that need the water, this steady, low-pressure drip sends water directly to the root of the plant. Rather than spraying water everywhere, sending it to areas that need it and some areas that don’t, drip systems are direct and much more efficient.

How Drip Irrigation Saves Money

There are four very clear ways that using a drip irrigation saves home and business owners money:

#1 Installation is More Affordable

Professional-grade sprinkler systems take a while to install and really are a lot of work to get going. A-Team Irrigation professionals can install them without issue, but it requires digging into the ground, covering the piping, and reseeding the grass afterwards. It’s an incredibly time-consuming process, and more labor hours means a higher installation bill.

Drip systems, conversely, are installed above ground, which means they are much quicker to install. Not only that, but the materials themselves are more affordable than traditional systems, meaning both labor and parts play a role in the initial affordability of these systems.

#2 Upkeep Is More Affordable

Another benefit of having the system above ground is that it’s easier to make any repairs should something go wrong. There is no need to dig up a problem area and search for them that way. Rather, A-Team Irrigation professionals can spot potential problems easily and have them corrected in no time.

#3 They Last a Long Time

Because of low-cost materials and easy access to maintenance, these systems tend to last ten-plus years with little-to-no major problems from year to year. Part of making a strong investment, regardless of cost, is finding something that will last a long a time. Drip irrigation systems have proven their ability to stand up to the test of time as good or better than many traditional systems.

#4 Drip Systems Use Less Water

Most importantly, and perhaps most obviously, drip systems use less water than traditional sprinkler systems. The sprays and rotors on a traditional system are only 30 to 60 percent efficient, while a drip system is 90-95 percent efficient. That is a huge difference that helps explain why the monthly water bills of those using drip systems are consistently lower than the water bills of those using sprinklers that spray in less controlled ways.

If you would like more information about a drip irrigation system for your home or business, contact someone at A-Team Irrigation today, and we will be happy to get you started on a track toward saving more money and conserving more water!