System Startup

Sioux City Irrigation & Sprinkler System Startup

The goal of any underground irrigation system is to water a lawn as efficiently as possible. While a well-built system, professionally-installed by a trusted Siouxland sprinkler expert like A-Team Irrigation is a good start, there are some tips and strategies to follow that will improve irrigation efficiency.

For clients who don’t wish to do their own spring startup, we offer bi-annual maintenance plans that will take care of both spring preparation and winterization.

Examine Your Soil

Season changes can be deceptive; a warm spring day does not necessarily mean your ground has thawed enough for irrigation to resume. To avoid damaging your pipes, use a shovel to check that the soil has thawed fully up to 12 inches.

Prep Your Controller

Make sure your system’s controller is ready for summer by replacing the batteries, double-checking the time and date, and cleaning off the face and buttons. Make sure that all programs or settings fit the needs of your lawn.

How to Start Up Your System

The process of starting up is simply the opposite of shutting down your system.

  1. Locate the green boxes in the yard and close the hose bibs.
  2. Go to the backflow preventer, close both test ports with your screwdriver, and close both green handles.
  3. Head to the basement and close the hose bib above the bucket. Then, slowly open the handle below the hose bib, turning on the water to your irrigation system.
  4. Go back outside to the backflow preventer. Open the bottom green handle first. This will drop a small amount of water out of the top brass lid. Next, slowly open the top green handle, filling the entire sprinkler main.
  5. Finally, head to the sprinkler clock and start your irrigation system.

Inspect Your Sprinkler Heads, Nozzles, Pipes, and Valves

Take a walk around your property and make sure that all sprinkler heads are clear and unobstructed by rocks or other debris. Make sure the heads are clean and free of compacted dirt, and check for any heads that have been buried. This is a great time to replace any parts that are cracked or damaged by yard tools or machinery. A damaged or overworn sprinkler can result in inefficient watering and an unhealthy lawn or landscaped beds.

It’s also extremely important to spend time inspecting your system’s valves. Make sure there are no leaks, and that manual valves are in the closed position before turning on the water.

Mind Your Pressure

Water pressure is a major factor to be aware of when starting up your sprinkler system in the spring. When turning the system on for the first time, it’s important to open the main valve slowly and gradually in order to avoid burst pipes and expensive damages.

It’s also necessary to check the overall water pressure of your property to ensure that your underground irrigation equipment works efficiently and for as long as possible. By using a water pressure gauge, you can judge the pressure going through your irrigation system and adjust to an appropriate level.

Take a Walk

Once you’ve taken care of the initial precautions and your system is up and running, take a walk around your property to make sure each sprinkler head is working efficiently. If all seems well, set your controller for the automatic scheduling needed for your lawn and let it do the rest of the work. If you notice problems, don’t hesitate to call us here at A-Team Irrigation; we’re always ready to help.

For questions or service, please call us at 712-560-1620.

Homeowner Dale Gaswint

“Thanks for the great job your guys did on my sprinkler system. My wife and I are very happy with the work they did.”

Homeowner Dale Gaswint

Homeowner Kim Munn

“We have used A-Team Irrigation for several years and have never been disappointed in their prompt and affordable services. A-Team revived our yard by correcting several issues overlooked by our previous provider. If you are looking for reliable service we recommend A-Team”

Homeowner Kim Munn

Mark Osborne, Primebank

“I’ve trusted Paul and his team of professionals at A-Team Irrigation for all of my sprinkler needs as well as other services including new install, maintenance, spring start up, fall shut down, underground wiring, and lighting. Each and every time Paul and his team have exceeded my expectations by providing reliable and prompt service as well as excellent pricing! I would highly recommend A-Team Irrigation to all of my family and friends!”

Mark Osborne, Primebank

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