Is your yard ready for the spring season? All that precipitation and the drainage issues it causes can wreak havoc not only on a home or business owner’s lawn, but also to the building itself.

If you have noticed any of the tell-tale signs of drainage issues, consider calling someone here at A-Team Irrigation to help you resolve the issue and ensure that your yard and home are protected from the forthcoming incessant rains. In fact, there are a handful of very important reasons to have an adequate yard drainage system, including the following:

#1 Prevent Standing Water

If after a storm your lawn is littered with little puddles scattered throughout the middle of your lawn, there’s a good problem you’ve got a drainage problem. Not only is this standing water a possible sign that you have drainage issues, the standing water itself can be one of the biggest problems that comes as a result of those issues. For starters, your grass can contract bacterial infections in standing water, including E. coli and Cholera, among others. Standing water also brings mosquitoes, which carry their own diseases with them. You don’t want standing water in your yard, and a proper drainage system will ensure that you’re free of this nuisance.

#2 Prevent Water Damage

If water can’t find a place to drain, the standing water will be a problem, but not as big a problem as the water that funnels right toward your basement instead of a safer, more productive location. Mold, fungus, and rot can take hold in a home as a result of this water damage, all of which can be incredibly expensive to repair. Better to improve yard drainage before this all happens.

#3 Prevent Soil Erosion

Water that isn’t purposefully redirected will flow wherever gravity takes it, and gravity doesn’t always take it to the most productive locations. Over time, water can erode areas that you would rather not see eroded. In picking up soil and depositing it in a new location, your home can be made privy to a number of negative outcomes, the worst of which is the shifting on an entire foundation. Yes, soil erosion can be that serious, but even the minor headaches, like the exposure of plant roots, can lead to scarier things, like that unsupported tree possibly blowing over in a big storm. Ensure that water flows where you want it to flow so that erosion doesn’t cause any of these scary, pricey issues.

Each of these reasons makes it worthwhile to consider having professional landscapers do the work necessary to fix your irrigation issues this spring. Here at A-Team Irrigation, for example, we staff a number of skilled professionals that can install a top-rate yard drainage system to make sure your lawn, landscaping, and home foundation remain in optimal condition. Give us a call or stop by any time if you need help installing a yard drainage system of your own.