Home ownership can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of anyone’s life, giving them ample opportunity to build and customize a property in a way that is personalized precisely to their tastes. Of course, the other side of that coin is that the financial responsibility for maintenance and upkeep on a home lies squarely on the shoulders of the homeowners themselves, and as any homeowner knows, the things that can go wrong almost never are quick and easy to fix.

Your sprinkler system is not immune to this. Small problems can transform into big, expensive problems very quickly. If you know what to look for, however, there’s a good chance you can get a sprinkler repair professional from A-Team Irrigation out to your property before the major damage hits.

If you notice any of the following problems in your sprinkler system, especially at the beginning or the end of the warm season, consider calling someone at A-Team Irrigation to come out and perform irrigation repair services before the problem worsens.

Broken Sprinkler Head

This is one of the easier fixes to make since the heads are the part of the irrigation system that lives above ground. If a sprinkler head is broken and/or not working properly, we can diagnose the issue fairly quickly and simply replace out the offending head without too much hassle. These broken heads mean your lawn and landscaping aren’t getting the water they’re supposed to be getting, but a quick fix will get everything back on track in a jiffy.

System Leaks

Leaks can be a more challenging issue, but it’s nothing we can’t handle here at A-Team Irrigation. If you discover a leak, shut down the entire system immediately so you don’t waste water or flood any part of your yard before someone can come out to initiate repairs. Odd puddles or wayward sprays in your yard are a telltale sign that something isn’t working as it’s supposed to.

Poor Water Pressure

If it seems like your sprinklers aren’t spraying with their usual force, definitely give us a call because it means that something somewhere either is cracked or isn’t hooked up properly. You need a certain water pressure for each strategically-placed sprinkler head to do its job, so if your system is falling short of that, call a professional immediately.

Unscheduled Watering

Many modern irrigation systems are automated, meaning they go off at scheduled times every day and/or night. However, if your sprinklers are going off at times when they aren’t scheduled to, and you can’t figure out how to correct the scheduling issue, we can work on fixing that. It’s certainly a lot less invasive than correcting a cracked irrigation pipe!

If any of these issues arise, please call A-Team Irrigation immediately so we can pay you a visit and get everything up and running so you can enjoy your home’s landscaping without the potential for bigger headaches. When it comes to homeownership, proactive repairs always are better than wishing and hoping the problem just goes away. In these instances, that isn’t likely to happen, and our fixes can help ensure bigger problems don’t rear their ugly heads somewhere down the road.