Why irrigate?

Benefits of Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Water Your Lawn the Right Way

A lush, healthy lawn needs to be watered in order to thrive, and it needs to be watered well. Choosing an underground irrigation system over traditional lawn sprinklers will save you money, water, and hours spent dragging hoses.

Underground Irrigation allows you to:

A Beautiful Lawn Without the Work

A-Team Irrigation is your premier underground irrigation resource in the Sioux City tri-state region. We’ll help you nurture your lawn, increase your home or business’ property value, and improve its curb appeal, all with friendly service and skill you can trust.

Sioux City Water Conservation

By choosing to use a professionally designed and installed irrigation system, you could be saving countless dollars on your monthly water bill. Saving money, however, is only a small part of the overall benefits. By dividing your property into zones, keeping your sidewalks dry, and setting up a customized, efficient watering schedule, you can do your part in conserving the precious resource that is our water.

Drip irrigation is especially useful in terms of water conservation, as it administers small amounts of water directly to the root systems of plants. If you have small areas that don’t require the power and range of sprinklers, we highly encourage this form of irrigation.

Peace of Mind

An underground irrigation system removes the burden of watering from your shoulders and provides you with an automatic, dependable solution. A sprinkler system will keep your lawn looking lush and healthy, regardless of how busy you are.

Homeowner Dale Gaswint

“Thanks for the great job your guys did on my sprinkler system. My wife and I are very happy with the work they did.”

Homeowner Dale Gaswint

Homeowner Kim Munn

“We have used A-Team Irrigation for several years and have never been disappointed in their prompt and affordable services. A-Team revived our yard by correcting several issues overlooked by our previous provider. If you are looking for reliable service we recommend A-Team”

Homeowner Kim Munn

Mark Osborne, Primebank

“I’ve trusted Paul and his team of professionals at A-Team Irrigation for all of my sprinkler needs as well as other services including new install, maintenance, spring start up, fall shut down, underground wiring, and lighting. Each and every time Paul and his team have exceeded my expectations by providing reliable and prompt service as well as excellent pricing! I would highly recommend A-Team Irrigation to all of my family and friends!”

Mark Osborne, Primebank

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