Here at A-Team Irrigation, we have been witnesses to just about every potential nightmare that comes with properties lacking proper drainage. While the most essential reason to ensure a yard has ideal drainage focuses on preventing water leaking into a foundation, which causes cracks and flooded basements, the other major reason for good yard drainage is aesthetics. In other words, proper drainage ensures that a property and its landscaping are well-maintained, meaning homeowners can enjoy the way their yard looks, even after a big storm.

Eliminates Dead Spots from Standing Water

In a yard with poor drainage, a big storm will leave standing water and puddles, which not only looks awful but can create a number of aesthetic and health issues surrounding your property. In terms of the way a lawn looks, that standing water can kill grass, leaving brown dead spots in your yard when the water does finally evaporate. Unless you want dead grass and plants, standing water absolutely is not a good thing for your yard.

Beyond that, standing water can bring bacteria and parasite growth that not only is not great for your grass, but also attracts mosquitoes and other parasites that can be dangerous for humans. In other words, there is no scenario is which standing water is good for a lawn.

Controls Erosion

If stormwater doesn’t have a place to go, it will find paths downhill that don’t always do any favors for the look of a lawn. If your yard isn’t properly drained, erosion can move around the soil in some inconvenient places in your yard, leaving tracks and pushing around dirt in some unattractive ways.

The more water a lawn gets or the faster that water is allowed to move, the more damage it can potentially do. Erosion around a tree trunk can expose its roots and create the potential for it to fall during a strong storm. Erosion near the foundation of a house can cause cracks and flooding. A yard drainage system helps avoid these things, saving you money and protecting the aesthetics of your lawn.

Maintains Aesthetics of Flower Beds

One thing to consider when installing a flower bed is how the location of that bed may impact drainage. You want landscaping and flower beds to look as lovely as you pictured when you first put in all the work to plant everything, but sometimes these beds can actually impede water flow, collecting water in areas that are detrimental to growth. Without an irrigation expert to help you find the best path for water to escape, you could potentially flood your flowers while also creating obstacles for drainage in other areas of your yard.

If you would like some help with your own drainage issues, give us a call here at A-Team Irrigation and we will be happy to help you enjoy a lush, green yard that doesn’t collect puddles and kill your grass and other plants. Save yourself money and frustration by ensuring your drainage is in good shape, and if it’s not, remember that we’re always here to fix any problems you may have.